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California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

The State of California has set a 2013 deadline for electronic reporting.  Beginning January 1, 2013, all businesses that submit facility information such as hazardous materials mangement plans (HMMPs) and underground storage tank forms and related documents, will be required to use the internet to submit the information electronically to the local agency through CERS.  Once fully implemented, CERS will benefit regulated facilities by simplifying the document submittal process, reducing paperwork and manual data entry, automatically notifying the CUPA of updates, and allowing emergency responders to electronically access hazardous materials inventories and after-hours contact information.

CERS Links and Assistance

In order to help local businesses meet the upcoming deadline, Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Services uploaded the existing regulated business information from our local database to the CERS database. As a result, most of our business users will only need to create an account, log-in to the CERS website, search for their uploaded business, and request access to that business. For newly regulated businesses, a new business file will need to be created from scratch.  The following links will help to get you started in CERS:

Additional Documents

When submitting the HMMP through CERS, a few of the submittal elements such as facility site maps, emergency response/contingency plans, and several underground storage tank program information forms are separate documents that must be completed and uploaded to the CERS site.  Links to suggested document template forms can be found on the CERS site or on the specific program page(s) of our EHS website.   

Additional Assistance for Local Businesses

For local businesses that have limited computer access or need additional direct assistance, Environmental Health Services has computer workstations in our office lobby located at 701 Ocean Street, Room 312 in Santa Cruz. We are available during regular business hours to provide assistance, if needed, in order to help you meet the new electronic reporting requirement. 

Please do not hesitate to call our office at (831) 454-2022 and ask to speak to a hazardous materials inspector or program manager if questions arise.

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