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Food Facilities and Food Handling

URGENT: COVID-19 Information for Food Facility Operators

Restaurant Inspections

California Food Regulation(s)

NEW- Laws and Regulations

California Food Handler Card and Food Safety Certificate

Communicable Disease Procedures


NEW- Host Facilities and Catering Operations

Restaurants and Food Establishments

Food Facility Evaluation

Plan Review

Food Establishment Permitting

Cottage Food Operation Registration

Mobile Food Facilities (Catering Trucks/ Trailers), Ice Cream Trucks & Produce Trucks)

Catering Trucks/ Trailers

Step 1-Structural Review

Step 2- Health Permit Application

Mobile Food Facility Permit Inactivation

Ice Cream, Produce Trucks and Prepackaged Food Vehicles
Carts (Pre-packaged and Limited Food Preparation)

Organized Community Events

Educational and Reference Materials