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Food Facilities and Food Handling

URGENT: COVID-19 Information for Food Facility Operators

Restaurant Inspections

California Food Regulation(s)

Laws and Regulations

California Food Handler Card and Food Safety Certificate

Communicable Disease Procedures


Host Facilities and Catering Operations

Restaurants and Food Establishments

Food Facility Evaluation

Plan Review

Food Establishment Permitting

Cottage Food Operation Registration

Mobile Food Facilities(Catering Trucks/ Trailers), Ice Cream Trucks & Produce Trucks)

Catering Trucks/ Trailers

Step 1-Structural Review

Step 2- Health Permit Application

Mobile Food Facility Permit Inactivation

Ice Cream, Produce Trucks and Prepackaged Food Vehicles
Carts (Pre-packaged and Limited Food Preparation)

Organized Community Events

Educational and Reference Materials