Building Clearance

Building permit applications for residential improvement projects in some cases need to have an Environmental Health (EH) review.

Maintenance and Repairs

Projects that constitute typical maintenance and repair activities such as re-roofing, installing new windows, making energy efficiency improvements, plumbing permits, electrical permits, new siding, etc., do not require any permit or review by EH. No need to complete a Building Clearance Application.

Detached Non-Habitable Structures, Decks, Pools and Spas

Miscellaneous projects such as the addition to, or construction of retaining walls, decks, ground mounted solar installation, and other similar structures that may affect the septic system, will be reviewed to determine conformance with setbacks to the septic system. For projects involving the construction of pools, spas, and detached non-habitable structures, an inspection of the septic system and the reserve area might be required.

Complete a Building Clearance Application and make sure to include all the relevant documentation that is listed on the application.

Any Increase in Bedroom or Square Footage of the Structure or an Additional Dwelling Unit

A building plan that includes any increase in bedroom or square footage of the structure or an Additional Dwelling Unit will probably require an upgrade to the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS).

  • First determination: the OWTS was permitted and is functioning and adequate in size, then complete a Building Clearance Application, and the required documentation.
  • If the OWTS was not permitted, new OWTS standards apply.
  • If the OWTS was permitted and adequate in size but the recent history suggests that the OWTS is failing, then Repair standards apply.
  • If the OWTS was permitted but is not adequate in size, then Upgrade standards apply.

Discretionary Applications

Discretionary applications for residential improvement projects are classified by the County’s Planning Department and are routed to Environmental Health (EH) for review. The review provides general feedback on intersections of the project with the various EH programs, primarily septic and well for residential projects. During a discretionary review of a non-residential development EH will also apprise the applicant of other EH oversight requirements, click here for a link to these.