Individual Water System

An Individual Water System (IWS) serves or might ultimately serve 4 connections on 1-4 parcels. An IWS source may be a well, spring, horizontal well or surface stream.

Public wells (serving 5 or more parcels and less than 199 parcels) are required to obtain a county permit as a State Small Water System (5-14 connections) or a Small Water System Permit (15-199 connections).

Before proceeding with development of a property dependent on an individual water supply, an Individual Water System (IWS) Permit must be obtained. Obtaining a IWS permit means that the water source provides sufficient yield for the structures/parcels it will serve and meets water quality standards for bacteria, chloride, nitrate, total dissolved solids, iron and manganese (see requirements in Individual Water Systems).

If the source is a well, a pumping test must be performed by a licensed well driller, pumping contractor maintaining a C-61 license with a D-21 classification, registered engineer, Professional Geologist or Registered Environmental Health Specialist. If the source is from a spring or horizontal well a water yield determination can be made only during the months of August through October. Yield calculations for springs and horizontal wells must be made by a registered engineer, Professional Geologist, Registered Environmental Health Specialist or licensed well driller.

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