Septic Tank Destruction

Improperly destroyed or abandoned septic tanks can pose hazards and create undesirable situations. Tanks that have collapsed pose safety hazards for people, pets and other animals. Tanks that are not properly destroyed may fill with water over time and cause an entrapment or drowning hazard. Improperly destroyed tanks may not be able to support the weight of vehicular traffic, building foundations or other structures built on the property.

A Septic Tank Destruction Permit is required whenever a septic tank is to be destroyed or will no longer be used, i.e., abandoned. The only exception is if another septic system is being installed under a separate permit (Repair or Upgrade Sewage Disposal Permit).

A Septic Tank Destruction is typically completed by a Qualified Professional who will submit a Septic Tank Destruction Application. The Septic Tank Destruction Procedure shall be followed.