New Land Development

  1. Planning/Developing A Commercial or Industrial Property

    Environmental Health (EH) works with other city and county agencies in the planning process for residential and commercial developments. Click here to see the different ways EH permits the construction and operation of a variety activities.

    Safe drinking water and a sanitary way to dispose of wastewater are a critical part of a new project whether it is for commercial, industrial, residential or other use. Environmental Health oversees the installation of water wells and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) in Santa Cruz County.

  2. Drinking Water Access

    Drinking water is provided by an individual water system or a small water system. If the water source is a well, click here for the installation process.

  3. Wastewater Disposal

    For properties where connection to sewer is not a practical option, a well-designed OWTS, also known as a septic system, is a reliable alternative. Click here for more information about OWTS for new development.