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Possible Mosquito Sources

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Possible Source: What to Do:
Decorative Pond Stock with mosquito fish (ask Mosquito District) or use Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) larvicides (i.e. Mosquito Dunks). Inquire at your local hardware store or nursery. Thin out aquatic vegetation.
Swimming Pool/Spa Operate filter and skimmer every day to remove egg rafts and larva. Provide drainage for filter and pump sumps. Remember chlorine will NOT kill mosquito larva. Stock disused or "out-of-order pools with mosquito fish (ask Mosquito District).
Pool/spa covers Keep tight. Remove water from top of cover weekly.
Wading pool Change water weekly. Store indoors when not in use
Bird bath Change water weekly
Tree Hole Check frequently for water. Consult tree specialist to see if hole may be safely filled with sand or mortar. Place Bti larvicides in hole.
Rain Gutters Clean frequently to remove leaf litter and keep water flowing.
Containers (i.e. jars, unused flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows, etc.) Dispose of, turn upside down or store indoors.
Septic Tank Seal and cover openings so adult mosquitoes cannot enter. Contact County Environmental Health Department for advice.
Under house or basement Check for water, especially after rain. Drain if necessary.
Livestock watering trough Stock large troughs with mosquito fish. Clean small ones weekly.
Catch basins/storm drains/street gutter Check for standing water. Contact Mosquito Control.
Boats Keep tightly covered. Remove drain plug. Check and drain cover weekly if necessary.
In-ground utility boxes Check for standing water. Pump out if necessary.
Tires Remove or drill holes so water will drain.
Rain barrels Screen top with fine wire mesh. Change water weekly. treat with Bti.
Water gardens Stock with mosquito fish or use Bti larvicides.
Leaky pipes & faucets Repair.